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  • Quality Education

    In tune with the changing times, and in-line with the NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2020, Gurukulam offers CBSE Curriculum and prepares the young boys and girls for their dream-careers. Quality-consciousness is the mindset. We @ Gurukulam make all efforts to nurture and develop this mindset amongst staff and students, as a part of our vision. This single attribute, developed to its highest capacity, can simply elevate an ordinary person into extraordinary human being.

  • 4 Cs of 21 century learning skills

    We stay focused on training our students in developing communication skills, critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, and collaborative skills. Knowledge, positive attitude and skill enable our students set higher academic and career goals. Gurukulam’s Mentorship and career counseling prepare young boys and girls to chalk out career path ways, well in advance. Periodic interactions with professionals from diverse fields, build confidence and maturity in our students to envision great career opportunities and work towards realizing their dreams.

  • Expert Teachers

    “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Great care is exercised in selecting teachers with passion for sharing knowledge, mentoring students and training younger generation in the 21 st century skills and inspiring the students to follow their heart. Special orientation provided to the teachers every year enables them to adapt themselves to the ever-evolving teaching & learning processes and create inspiring outcomes for everyone.

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Gurukulam Global Residential School

Gurukulam Global Residential School (GGRS) aims at imparting Learning for Life, based on the holistic medium of education. Emphasizing on individual attention to every student, GGRS practices teaching principles that ignite creative intelligence, learnability, emotional & spiritual quotient, physical & mental well-being, and self-confidence among its students.

Driven by value-based education, GGRS gives equal importance to immersive environment of various extracurricular activities. In every act of co-creating knowledge with students, our approach is to empower, enable our students to internalize the new learnings and apply the same in real life situations. This is the process which transforms students into leaders; leaders into innovators; innovators into contributors. Our aim is to awaken the creative intelligence of every student so that s/he becomes a contributing member of the society, country, and the world at large.

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