We are committed to empowering individuals. We value every child and believe that with nurturance every child will bloom and flourish! If you are looking for your child to be on a journey that propels him into a space that brings out the best in him, then Gurukulam is the best decision you can make.


At Gurukulam Schools, we have long delivered an academic program that we feel every school should strive to emulate: one that is customized to each individual student’s interests and needs, one that is intentionally challenging and appropriately nurturing, one that is sensitive to and accommodating of learning differences.


During your discernment process regarding schools, we hope you will continue to visit the campus with regularity as well as get to know the school community.  The School’s long-standing commitment to serving others reflects our desire to foster and nurture a genuine service ethic in all members of our community.

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Our institution invests in every aspect of a child’s development, be it providing knowledge, physical fitness, or social skills. Shaping balanced individuals takes a skilled and intuitive sculptor and we strive to be that artisan for your child. 

Our school is well equipped with interactive audio-visual technology, a fully fledged computer and science laboratory, an attractive reading and learning environment, and a dining hall. We have a child-friendly playground; the most important tool in their physical development. Gurukulam Global School takes careful measures to make achievers out of our children. Providing a friendly ambience and making learning stress free is our goal.

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