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Management Team

GGRS is a school with global standards located in Denkanikottai, Hosur, with passionate, dedicated and well-trained staff inculcating a sense of curiosity in every child/student to explore knowledge, develop holistically and become highly self-aware.

To aid this, the school is equipped with interactive audio-visual technology, an attractive reading and learning environment, fully equipped science and computer laboratories, and a child-friendly playground.

The learning experience in GGRS helps every child succeed. The teaching methodologies are aimed at exposing the children/students to a holistic, active and dynamic learning environment.

GGRS takes careful measures to provide its students opportunities to identify and realise their potentials. In short GGRS creates achievers out of the children.

Rome was not built in a day, but it was the result of vision and consistent efforts. The aim of the school is to elevate itself to the highest echelons in the field of education.

Dr. GK Ganapathy Reddy

Founder & Chairman, Gurukulam Group of Institutions (GGI)
Founder & CMD, STAYFIT Health & Fitness World Pvt. Ltd.
Recipient of GLOBAL INDIAN Award


Dear Students, Teachers & Parents,

Hearty Welcome to the Gurukulam Global Campus! While almost every educational institute is in the chaotic urge of being number one in the academic industry, we at GGRS aspire to be the best in every single aspect of imparting value-based education to our students.

With the focused philosophy of enabling every student to acquire the right education and learning, we at GGRS are committed to steering our students towards nurturing the all-round personality. While we unflinchingly keep introducing best of proven and evolving technologies in the academic industry, we are focused on building and infusing vibrant and cheerful character in every single individual associated with us.

I extend my hearty wishes to all the present and future students, parents, teachers and the support staff for charting yet another successful academic year ahead. I wish you all a journey filled with learning, enthusiasm, joy and happiness. Let our spirits come alive!

GGRS takes careful measures to provide its students opportunities to identify and realise their potential. In short, GGRS creates achievers out of the children!

Prof. GK Narasi Reddy

Vice Chairman, Gurukulam Group of Institutions (GGI)
Formerly Professor of English in Jain University, Bengaluru
National Editor, STAYFIT Health & Lifestyle Magazine


Greetings from Gurukulam!

We at Gurukulam believe in creating excellence in everything we do. For us, excellence is a way of life.

I take this opportunity to invite the parents’ community to actively participate in the journey of “Creating Excellence”. On behalf of the GGRS management, staff & students, I assure you of the best of our collective efforts to transform all the students to their fullest potential, in every sphere of education and learning.

My best wishes to each and every one of the GGRS family for a great academic year ahead!

Dr.Gurukulam Ram Prasad Reddy

Director - Gurukulam Group of Institutions (GGI)
Managing Director - STAYFIT Health & Fitness World Pvt. Ltd.
Marathon Runner, Ultra Distance Cyclist, Triathlete, Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Entrepreneur


Dear Parents,
Welcome to GGRS Campus!

Our Purpose at GGRS is to create a learning environment that accommodates all individual learners providing them with opportunities to maximise their inherent potential.

The children of present day need to prepare themselves for the fast changing competitive Global world, for a successful career of their choice. This generation also needs to combat various socio, economic and even environmental challenges ahead.

In this scenario, we the Parents, School and the Society, are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the right environment; wherein they can nurture their skills, hone their abilities, enhance their thinking and imagination. Learning is no more confined to what is acquired within the four walls of schools or from the set of books, alone. More than the knowledge that he amasses, the ability in him to perceive, analyze, interpret, apply and review on various aspects of his learning process, reflecting logically with the right attitude matters.

Children also need to grow up, imbibing various social and emotional abilities to be a good team player, team leader and go-getter. Amidst all these, they must also mould themselves in to a humane personality.

Hence, in this given context, every activity a school takes up or defines through its vision for the children at large, with specific set of goals, matters a lot in the process of his overall self-development.

And, I am quite confident that our school “Gurukulam Global Residential School” “GGRS” with its well thought over value system, coupled with its ever enhancing system of education, well designed curriculum and above all its committed team of teachers and Staff can effectively contribute to the overall development of every Gurukulite. Our belief is that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love for learning.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Gurukulam Ram Prasad Reddy


MSW, Director - Operations
Gurukulam Schools


As educated parents, we are realising that high academics and emotional well-being are not necessarily correlated. While we have umpteen schools that focus on academics, the role of emotional development in a child is ignored or under-played. We felt an ideal set up for children is one that focuses on academics, cognitive, physical and emotional development and we decided to create one such school.

Our creation is Gurukulam! We appreciate your commitment to offer the best of facilities to your child such that your child's innate talents blossom naturally to their fullest.

A Master Degree in Humanities stream, has oriented me to be socially - responsible and contributing person. “Loving and Giving is Living” is my philosophy of life, In a way, this sums my attitude to Life, Learning and Living.

Gurukulam is a creative Learning Space, not just a place, that got manifested out of our deep commitment to create a space that nurtures the in-born creativity, imagination in every child. The Curriculum, learning material, teaching &learning methodology and faculty who facilitate the unfoldment of children’s expressions are in sync with our Vision of a school that exists to serve children, parents and the community.

I trust LIFE & PEOPLE. And, I believe by inculcating Self- belief in the natural abilities and capabilities of our children, Life can be created, value can be added, difference can be made. This is what we@ Gurukulam have been doing ever we started our first school in the year 2010.

Our creative & dedicated work has delighted our stake holders, proven the power of team work and experiential learning. Parents’ reviews online, offline & our creative videos on the School YouTube Channel, are a testimony for the credibility of Brand Gurukulam.

And, there has been growing demand for Gurukulam' s presence in multi-locations. Identifying potential Eduprenuers who wish to collaborate with Gurukulam for Franchisee opportunity, is topmost on the expansion Vision, currently.

I welcome you to visit Gurukulam and invite you to explore the opportunity of discovering your child's genius.

Smt. Gayathri

M.A., B.Ed.
Principal, GGRS


Dear Parents & Students,

Fortunately, there is NO LOCKDOWN FOR LEARNING, in the current unprecedented global pandemic COVID 19. Undoubtedly, Corona is impacting lives, businesses, Institutions, worldwide. These adversities are making us explore new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

The 4 Cs of 21 st Century Skills are becoming more relevant today than ever. Creative thinking, critical thinking, collaborative skills and communication skills are the 21 st Century Skills which are integrated into our core learning at Gurukulam Global Residential School.

I invite you to explore great learning opportunities@ Gurukulam for your children.

You can reach us on our school mobile phone 8870004593 and our TEAM GURUKULAM is there to listen to your dreams for your children! Together, we empower and enable your children to realise their dreams and fulfill your aspirations too!

Come, explore life & learning @ Gurukulam!

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