School Counselling


We are a group of individuals who believe that academic institutions should go beyond catering to the conservative academic needs of a child studying with us.

We are concerned about the well-being of a child and a child`s well-being encompasses management of emotions, management of social relationships ( parents, siblings, relatives, peers, teachers, friends etc. ), management of academics. It's when a child becomes adept at managing and balancing these three aspects, his / her journey as a student will become joyous and fruitful.

In this context, we have in-house counsellors at the school. These dedicated counsellors manage the learning differences between children and also equip them with tools to understand and manage their emotional needs.

This also affords students the opportunity to explore advanced work by enhancing the differentiation already offered in classrooms in every division.

The Lower School features two learning/reading specialists and a counsellor. This same counsellor also serves the Middle School students in addition to the learning specialist support of the Middle School Assistant Head.

The Upper School features a unique advisory program in addition to the Upper School counsellor.


The counselling program offers resources to students, parents and teachers to encourage healthy academic, career and social / emotional development in all students. The counselling program also teaches students positive mind-sets and behaviours through classroom guidance, small group counselling and individual counselling. The counsellor supports parents and teachers during conferences while maintaining the role of student advocate.

Faculty and parents may refer students for small group and individual counselling via phone or e-mail. Students may also refer themselves.