“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
  ― Margaret Mead


  • Provide high quality differentiated support to schools.
  • Focus deeply on the implementation of academic standards and the instructional core.
  • Build the capacity of our educators around content.
  • Provide resources and practice guidelines that deeply engage our students in their learning.

In summation, apart from the standardised academic curriculum, there is also focus on providing opportunities for hands on and innovative experiences. There is an impetus on exposing the students to co-curricular activities.


We leave no stone unturned, at our institution we invest in every aspect of a child’s development. Chiselling out the best takes skill and intuitiveness and we strive to be that artisan for your child.

Our school is well equipped with interactive audio-visual technology, a full-fledged computer and science laboratory , a well maintained dining area ,a learning space that is enriching and attractive We have a child-friendly playground; a imperative tool that aids their physical development. Gurukulam School strives to provide a space and an ambience that is child friendly and one that stimulates learning .