About Us


Necessity is the mother of all invention the well-known quote by Albert Einstein is apt to describe our foray into Education.

Every year we have new schools mushrooming all over the city. Parents have an array of schools to choose from and yet there is a perpetual confusion as to what could be categorised as the best school for their child .There is something amiss when it comes to identifying something as the best.

We realised that schools focus on academics and there are some schools that provide co-curricular opportunities too .However, the missing link is not being able to align academics and the co-curricular activities to the personality of the child in a manner that brings out the best in him .

And with this realisation was born Gurukulam Schools!


To contribute for the progress, prosperity & wellbeing of the world by creating high quality Human Resource Wealth.


To create educational environment conducive for inventive thinking, creative expression, by infusing human values and by integrating Science, technology & Management, into our Academic processes and systems.


Education for LIFE & LIVING.


It gives me a great pleasure to present to you the global standard school in Denkanikottai, Hosur- our Gurukul School. The new campus reflects the school commitment to keep our system of education relevant to the need of the times.

This new campus provides our students with the infrastructure and the ideal environment to learn play interact and home their inherent talent and creativity. It is our endeavour to groom them into fine young individuals, who can help shape a better world.

I am confident that our passionate, dedicated and well trained staff will inculcate a sense of curiosity in every student to explore the path of knowledge and self awareness. In fact, it is our mission to help each student at the school reach their full potential and equip them to face the ever-growing challenges of a globally competitive environment. On behalf of the Gurukulam School, I welcome you to visit and explore our campus.

G K Ganapathy Reddy
Founder and Chairman
Gurukulam Group of Institutions (GGI)