Uncompromised learning environment for shaping your child's future

  • Experienced and qualified teachers with passion towards all-round development of children.
  • Integrated CBSE curriculum for imparting strong, open, positive and friendly environment.
  • Young Scientists programs to empower students with innovation and research skills.
  • Excellent coaching for competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, ENAT, BITSAT, NEET, AIIMS
  • Student-Teacher Ratio : For Pre-primary classes 15:1; for Primary classes 25:1; for High School 35:1, for ensuring best individual attention, bonding and enhanced learning.
  • Meticulously and comprehensively crafted curriculum for kindergarten, primary and higher levels of learning.
  • Equal and individual attention with customized teaching approach towards all students.
  • Innovative, practical and activity-based learning methodologies and soft skills training.
  • Special-subjects oriented learning to enhance skills like Speed Mathematics, Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical Ability, Mathematics Olympiad, Scholastic Aptitude etc.

Latest Science & Technology

  • Classrooms equipped with interactive Smart Boards for accelerated learning.
  • High-security CCTV surveillance in campus for ensuring safe and secured environment.
  • Wi-fi enabled computer lab for learning beyond classrooms.
  • Unique technology apps for connecting teachers and parents for tracking student's development, attendance, assignments, marks, academic schedule, notifications, parental queries, suggestions and grievances.

Well Planned and Extensive Infrastructure

  • Sprawling 20 acre lush green serene campus for healthy and inspiring learning environment.
  • Well-equipped state-of-the-art labs for Science, Maths, Language, Robotics & Aero-modelling.
  • In-campus medical support for emergency medical attention, if required. Spacious amphi–theatre to host performances that unravel the innate talents of students.
  • GPRS and CCTV installed buses with safety grills for safe and secure commuting.
  • Modern library and digital library help students acquire information and knowledge from multiple sources.
  • Thoughtfully designed sports playgrounds and infrastructure enthuse students to enjoy sporting activities like professional players.

Professional Coaching for various Entrance Examinations

Every Board of Education in India imparts training and skills differently to students through varied syllabi and preparation techniques. Hence, at GGRS, we follow the best approach in our training programmes by combining concepts from SSC, CBSE and ICSE Boards comprehensively. Such well thought out programmes guide the students to understand important subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry objectively. Extensive coaching and hands-on project work equips the students in solving complex numerical and logical problems effortlessly, in the shortest possible time.

Zero Error Policy

Our facilitators observe and record various errors that students make during their tests. Individual counselling and training is provided in case of any necessity of ambiguity. Zero error Policy = Identification (I) +Rectification (R)+ Counselling (C)+ Training (T) (IRCT).

Rank-based Evaluation

GGRS Schools vouch for a reward-system lent by the concept of continuous common assessment for students of all programmes. Carried twice a week, rigorous assessments and valuation provides the students with several opportunities to make appraisals of their position. Regular corrective and improvement measures are extended to students in the customized manner.

Decentralized Teacher Training and Counselling

All the students are mentored by the Principal and a dedicated faculty. The teaching and mentoring teams work closely for identifying and improving performance of each student by catering to their individual academic needs.


Feel-at-Home Living Experience

Education is all about developing a wholesome personality. The word ‘hostel’ describes an attitude, a philosophy, coming together of different people and sharing of learning & growing up.
The hostel facility at Gurukulam provides clean and comfortable stay for all the students. The friendly environment under strict supervision of dedicated hostel warden provides the student a memorable and cherishing opportunity to make lots of friends and enable them to get adapted to the new environment. The hostel is built in a serene location that provides fresh air and most conducive environment for learning & evolving.

Round-the-clock Safety and Security

Students’ safety and security is always given a top priority at GGRS. We strongly believe that students can pursue their academic pursuits only in a safe and secured environment. CCTV surveillance cameras spread across the campus keep a watchful eye all the time. The team of security personnel in the residential campus keeps a close vigil round the clock.

Healthy and Nourishing Food

The GGRS menu card dishes out clean, hygienic, wholesome, nourishing and wide variety of food that delights every student. It offers variety of vegetarian food to suit individual choice and taste. We also take utmost care to implement strict and regular best sanitation practices in the cooking and surrounding areas. Strict, yet friendly schedules for meals at GGRS canteen inculcate good eating and food habits.

Personal Caring and Healthcare

Personal Care and Healthcare of students is given the top priority at GGRS. An in-house dispensary is available round the clock for any medical emergency. While complete care of the ward is taken during any emergency, parents are informed about the situation and the health condition of the ward. GGRS has a dedicated doctor and support team in the residential campus to attend to regular or emergency situations.


Dance, Karate and Yoga for Kinaesthetic development

The martial art form of Karate teaches self-defence while Yoga is the most popular option for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health. In addition to these benefits, these activities along with Dance help develop kinaesthetic skills that improve posture and gait. At Gurukulam, we have experienced coaches, or tutors, for each of these activities.

Student Body – ‘Lead Buddy System’ (LBS) enhances the campus experience

‘Lead Buddy System’ is a students’ body that has been set up to develop initiative in Gurukulam students. LBS works closely with the teachers to organize school events, fund-raising programmes for charity, educational tours, nature camps, inter and intra-school competitions, games and sports activities, and more. LBS also publishes a quarterly school magazine with information, and content contributed by students and teachers.

Sports Zone for budding champions

Sport is the best metaphor for life. An hour of sporting activity brings out the best in students and is more invigorating than years of education. At Gurukulam, we recognize the role of sports in character building. There is a comprehensive sports zone where students can develop skills in their favourite sports such as Archery, Badminton, Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Football and Skating. Coaches and coaching camps are arranged from time to time.