Marathon for Health Awareness 2018

Marathon at gurukulam schools


Marathon for Health Awareness is an initiative by the AVS Global School to promote and create awareness for a Healthy Lifestyle.


More About Marathon

Have you ever wondered what a marathon is and how it came into being? Well…a marathon is a running event with a distance of 42.195 km(Distance always depends on the person who is organising the marathon events, it need not be 42kms all the time).

Most marathons take place in the form of a road race although there are some that are in the form of a cross country or on uneven roads.

Why are we then running marathons?

Running a marathon is tough especially for beginners. But what is it that draws the crowd as it seems to be the rage these days although it is not for everyone. Reasons differ from every individual why they chose to run in marathons and in my own opinion, these are the few:

  • Test of your own endurance;
  • Raise awareness and support causes;
  • Healthy lifestyle and to keep running fit so long we can still run;
  • It’s not a race with anyone but it’s your own race against your own clock;
  • Run free and letting go of stress;
  • Friendships and camaraderie are bonded. Support and encouragement during the runs;
  • The tremendous fun and dynamics at the event and participants bursting with energies during the run. Been there, done that;
  • The race shirt, the finisher shirt, medals, goodie bags, etc.

However before anyone should attempt to embark on the marathon journey, he or she should actually starts slow with patience and training is a must in preparation of this long and tedious but extremely rewarding journey. And you will see the smiles and joys once you have crossed the finishing line knowing that your hard work has paid off!